Seventh issue of Point Life magazine out this month

Seventh issue of Point Life magazine out this month

People from all over Auckland will be reading about Hobsonville Point this month, as the seventh issue of Point Life magazine is distributed city-wide.

Point Life is an in-depth publication designed to keep current and future residents up-to-date with development and community news, as well as showcasing Hobsonville Point as an attractive area to live in or visit.

As a former Air Force base, Hobsonville Point was off-limits to civilians for decades, so there was very little awareness of the area among Aucklanders at the time of Point Life’s launch - many wouldn’t even have been able to place it on a map. One of the key objectives for the magazine was to build Hobsonville Point’s appeal as a visitor destination. HLC’s ‘amenity first’ approach, which prioritised the delivery of a farmer’s market, cafe, information centre, parks and events early on in the development, meant this task wasn’t difficult.

Fast-forward seven years, and Hobsonville Point has become a popular weekend destination. As Aucklanders become ever more familiar with the area, they’re seeing that medium density can work well, and that quality homes, parks and amenity are key to its appeal.

Download a copy of Point Life Issue 7 here. 

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