Partnership approach to Northcote Development

Partnership approach to Northcote Development

Hobsonville Land Company (HLC) and Panuku Development Auckland have teamed up with Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) to work together on a new Northcote Development within one of the city’s Special Housing Areas. HLC is the lead developer for Hobsonville Point, and a 100% subsidiary of Housing New Zealand.

Housing New Zealand’s Chief Executive Andrew McKenzie said that HLC had been asked to lead the housing development to make use of lessons learned from Hobsonville Point’s development, delivering urban intensification through great design, including high quality new homes and community amenity.

Mr McKenzie said that there was a strong community appetite for new investment and urban regeneration, which had begun in 2010 with new homes in Tonar Street South, but which could not continue at the time into Tonar Street North until infrastructure capacity was resolved.

HLC Chief Executive Chris Aiken said HNZ and HLC would work in partnership on an urban redevelopment plan for Northcote, and the immediate focus would be on building new and additional social housing to meet demand. Stage One would comprise 59 new, warm, dry homes, a mix of one, two, three and four- bedroom homes. 20 existing homes, built in the 1950s and 1960s, would make way for Stage One of the development.

Panuku Development Auckland, which owns the nearby town centre, has identified Northcote as one of its priority development locations and has begun design work to redevelop the town centre.

Panuku Strategy and Engagement Director David Rankin says Panuku will work with HLC to better connect the town centre with local homes, and create a variety of housing opportunities to renew the whole area.

“Northcote has been given ‘town centre’ status under the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan which means we can now deliver on much of what has been planned in the past. We want to see housing and commercial developments that strengthen the community and reinforce the local character.”

Mr Aiken said, We are progressing plans for the first few sites and would like to work to start by the end of the year.”

He said that more detailed plans were being finalised and would be shared with the community as soon as they were available.

“Our immediate focus will be to build new and additional social housing. Over the longer term there is an urgent need in the area for additional good quality housing with a broader mix of home types.”

The Northcote Development team, including representatives from Housing New Zealand and Hobsonville Land Company have met with stakeholders, including representatives of the Kaipatiki Local Board, in Northcote to discuss plans for the Northcote Development.

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