Hobsonville Land Company becomes HLC

Hobsonville Land Company becomes HLC

Media release: March 23, 2017

Hobsonville Land Company, a subsidiary of Housing New Zealand, is changing its trading name to become HLC, standing for ‘Homes. Land. Community.’ as the company widens its focus to additional large-scale developments across Auckland.

The company celebrated ten years of residential development in 2016, having been formed to develop Hobsonville Point, the former NZ Defence Force site on the Upper Harbour. The multi-award-winning development is now home to 2,310 residents with nearly 1,000 new homes completed and around 500 new homes a year coming on-stream.

HLC chief executive Chris Aiken says that the name change in no way lessens the company’s commitment to Hobsonville Point. “Successfully completing this exemplar development remains a top priority for the company, and many Hobsonville Point residents already refer to us as ‘HLC’ so it is a comfortable change for them also,he said.

Mr Aiken says that the company plans to remain based at Hobsonville Point even though it was now working on additional developments in Auckland. 

“Now that the company’s focus has widened to additional developments, like the Northcote Development, retaining ‘Hobsonville’ in the company’s name no longer reflects this original scope,” he said. 

“Building has started in Northcote for up to 1200 new homes in the next six years,” he says, “this includes working with the community to renew and increase the supply of social and affordable housing.” 

Mr Aiken said the company was growing as it built resources to develop these new sites across Auckland in partnership with Housing New Zealand, and that it made sense to leverage the government’s investment and learnings at Hobsonville Point

He said the company has learned a great deal about building quickly at scale, and in a quality way that fosters strong communities and produces affordable homes, and HLC has undertaken a simple, professional rebrand to reflect its expanded focus while also retaining the company’s heritage.

“We have given HLC a new meaning as ‘Homes. Land. Community.’ to reflect what we’re about,” he said.

“After we talked to our stakeholders we discovered that most of them already thought of us by our initials HLC, so we didn’t see the need to spend a lot of money developing a new brand. We’ve designed a new logo, but it’s been low-key and as simple as possible because our focus is on investing in developing new homes for Auckland in these great neighbourhoods.”

He said that HLC was in the process of communicating its name change and new brand to its partners and stakeholders in an undertaking that they are confident will proceed smoothly.

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About HLC

HLC, formerly Hobsonville Land Company, is a 100% subsidiary of Housing New Zealand. HLC is governed by its own Board of Directors. It was formed to lead the development of Hobsonville Point, a 167 hectare former NZ Defence Force site on the upper Waitemata harbour that, upon completion, will be home to more than 10,000 residents in 4,500 homes. In 2016, as its master-planning and lead development role at Hobsonville Point was becoming well-advanced, the company was asked to undertake a number of additional development projects across Auckland, facilitating a name change to HLC.

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