HLC is now part of the Urban Development Group (UDG)

HLC is now part of the Urban Development Group (UDG)

In October this year, the government will establish Kāinga Ora―Homes and Communities; a new Crown agency with two key roles - being a world class public landlord, and leading urban development projects of all sizes in partnership with other agencies, local government, Māori, and private partners.

This is part of a major change by the Government to the way that our housing and urban development system works, to deliver better housing outcomes as fast as possible.

Kāinga Ora―Homes and Communities will consolidate Housing New Zealand, its development subsidiary HLC, and parts of the KiwiBuild Unit.

As an interim step towards the establishment of Kāinga Ora―Homes and Communities, the Urban Development Group (UDG) was established on May 13, and is led by HLC’s chief executive Chris Aitken.

The UDG brings together urban development capabilities across the three organisations of HLC, Housing New Zealand’s Market Delivery Team, and KiwiBuild. It’s been set up to increase alignment between the work programmes and resources of the three agencies.

The immediate aim of the UDG is to achieve greater alignment on urban development planning and other issues that impact its ability to improve the speed and efficiency of development delivery, not only for new housing, but also for supporting infrastructure and other related projects. Within large-scale projects we will be integrating our teams so there is one place for developers to go to for land and KiwiBuild products.

The establishment of Kāinga Ora―Homes and Communities will formally bring together these functions in October, but it makes sense to begin working collaboratively now, to achieve greater alignment and enhance the collective delivery goals of HLC, HNZ and KiwiBuild, and to give greater clarity and certainty to the market.

For more information, visit the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development website.

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