HLC invites builders, developers and housing providers to become delivery partners

Invitation to Participate

HLC invites builders, developers and housing providers to become delivery partners

HLC is inviting developers, builders and community housing providers to partner with them in order to accelerate the supply of high-quality housing across Auckland.

HLC chief executive, Chris Aiken, said that HLC was committed to the delivery or enablement of more than 50,000 houses over the next 10-15 years through the sale of more than 1,200 clean, clear, serviced super lots.

HLC published an Invitation to Participate (ITP) on the 21st of January, calling for interested parties to respond online regarding either or both of two partner groups being established to help streamline the process of allocating development land and super lots across the Auckland Housing Programme (AHP).

The two partner groups are:

  • Developers/Housing providers, i.e. parties intending to acquire an interest in land and develop in accordance with a Development Agreement with HLC;

  • Builders, i.e. parties intending to build houses under construction agreements with HLC but who are not intending to acquire an interest in land. This applies to the Tāmaki development.

“We hope to attract interest not only from commercial developers and the construction and building industry, but also from iwi and community housing groups that might have innovative ideas or wish to participate in the future housing market,” said Mr Aiken.

Mr Aiken said that the groups, and the relationships arising from this process, would over time transfer over to the new Housing and Urban Development Authority as it was established, and as HLC became part of that new agency.

“Our goal is to ensure no momentum is lost and to continue to accelerate the delivery of new housing, including more state housing, for Auckland,” said Mr Aiken.

The AHP Invitation to Participate can be found at https://hlc.co.nz/itpresponse. Responses are due by 14th March 2019.


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