Launch issue of Everyday Northcote delivered to residents

Everyday Northcote

Launch issue of Everyday Northcote delivered to residents

This month saw the launch of Everyday Northcote magazine, with 3,000 copies distributed to Northcote letterboxes, cafés, the new Northcote Development Information Centre, and other community hubs.

Published by HLC in partnership with Housing New Zealand and Panuku Development Auckland, Everyday Northcote celebrates the vibrant Northcote community and will keep local residents up-to-date on the progression of the Northcote Development. 

Northcote is full of inspiring characters and interesting stories. In the launch issue, we hear from two of the suburb’s school principals, a club that helps local families save for Christmas, and a range of residents who share what they love best about their neighbourhood, and their hopes for its future. Another issue of Everyday Northcote is scheduled before this year is out.

Download the launch issue here

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