HLC commits to the delivery of Māori Housing Outcomes

Wed, 13 Mar 2019
HLC commits to the delivery of Māori Housing Outcomes

HLC now has six guiding principles to help address the growing needs within the Māori housing sector.

The principles were developed by HLC’s Māori Outcomes team in consultation with mana whenua, and from the feedback provided by the 300-plus attendees at the National Māori Housing Conference in November, 2018.

Te Pou Head of Māori Outcomes, Sarah Chapman, says the principles were created through a cultural lens and will be woven through HLC’s master planning and project delivery teams. They are underpinned by the whakataukī (proverb) “Ka mua ka muri”. In essence, this means“As we navigate the pathway to the future, we find certainty in understanding more of our authentic past.”

“The more we appreciate the unique mana whenua whakapapa and history across Aotearoa, the better informed we are to tackle the challenges that lay ahead of us to provide quality urban housing outcomes for Māori. We are confident that these principles will help HLC to foster deeper relationships with, and understanding of, mana whenua to be fit for purpose to realise housing aspirations for Māori” says Sarah.

The Māori Outcomes Principles encompass whanau, hāpu and iwi; and include design, environmental, social and economic considerations. HLC is also working to align with the emerging Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MHUD) Māori Housing Unit.


The principles are underpinned by the whakataukī (proverb), “Ka mua ka muri (As we navigate the pathway to the future, we find certainty in understanding more of our authentic past)”. 

Principle 1: Mahi Tahi (Working Together)

Focus: Collaboration and strategic relationships with HLC’s partners is critical to our success.  We are committed to working with and aligning our strategies, plans and key moves with our treaty partners.

Principle 2: Tuku Iho (History) 

Focus: Develop processes that support best practice in heritage management, including methodologies for the preservation and protection of cultural heritage sites and places.

Principle 3: Te Aranga (Cultural)

Focus: Recognise the unique requirements and aspirations of Māori to thrive in an urban environment and ensure integration of cultural values and concepts in to the HLC business framework, master planning and urban designs.

Principle 4: Te Taiao (Environmental)

Focus: HLC housing developments promote and support best practice in environmental management through the application of sustainable construction methodologies and land use practices that align with Māori kaitiakitanga values.

Principle 5: Manaakitanga (Social)

Focus: Creating liveable communities for Māori that promote whanau wellbeing and social prosperity through affordable housing opportunities.

Principle 6: Whai Hua (Economic)

Focus: Co-create opportunities for Māori economic/commercial development.

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